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We celebrate PowHERhouse women leaders, inspirers and change agents. Enabling women to claim their right to leadership and to space in the media.

PowHerHouse Project


WMW’s PowHERhouse project, with support from UN Women, is training over 100 young women, equipping them with skills to harness the transformative potential of media and to advocate for themselves as leaders.

Why the media focus?

Media powerfully shape values, perceptions and expectations. Negative stereotypes of women’s leadership abound and the true value of women’s contributions is not recognized.

The PowHERhouse goal is for women to claim their right to leadership and political participation and to use the media strategically for promoting gender equality. Get Involved!


PowHerhouse is creating spaces for women to tell the world about their contributions to development.

Do you want to strengthen your leadership skills?Do you want to contribute to changing the media landscape?

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Policy Documents

Here you will find links to interesting policy, research and advocacy documents relating to women, gender equality and leadership, and the hot topic of quotas for women leaders.

PowHerHouse Stories

We can take charge of our life and recreate it through the power of words and images.

Here are some online resources featuring young women PowHERhouses in Jamaica and the Caribbean :