Discover more about WMW’s work and how you can benefit from our expertise in gender, media literacy, participatory training, professional development, communication and advocacy. We tailor our services to our client needs.

WMW Jamaica has been known for over 25 years for its unique and effective participatory training methods. We design and deliver workshops and seminars on a wide range of themes with a focus on gender awareness.

If you need training conducted in an effective, fun and stimulating environment, please browse through our most popular training packages, or let us know your desired topic and we can develop a session to suite your exact needs.

Services & Skills

We specialize in the following skills and services.

Gender Training

Design and delivery of training packages on a wide range of themes with gender awareness in all topics.

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Participatory Training

We offer training in participatory techniques for use by trainers and teachers, group leaders and facilitators - whatever the topic you are addressing, WMW can make your training events interactive and effective! Learn more


Facilitation Services

Do you need a third party to facilitate your workshops, consultations or meetings? We can help you, whatever your topic.

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We provide speakers and presenters for local, regional and international events! Among other places, WMW has participated in events held across the Caribbean Region, in Canada, Europe and South Africa

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Resource Centre

WMW boasts a compact Resource Centre with materials on sale and for reference. We have publications, research reports, journals, DVDs, and radio programmes on all the topics of our training packages, and more.

Educational Resources

We produce manuals, videos, radio shows and publications based on our expertise in gender, media literacy, participatory training, professional development, communication and advocacy.

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Communications and Advocacy

Get the word out! We can assist you in designing communication materials and strategies. We specialize in topics related to gender, media, training and communications.

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PowHerhouse Hub - Meeting Space

The Hub is a snug indoor space for small meetings, events and seminars with an expansive outdoors for larger events. The Hub is also where people mingle, network and share who they are with WMW members and guests in after-work ‘theme’ gatherings.

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