L.N.'s Story

Our nation, Jamaica, has failed to recognise the strength, power, vigour and wisdom of women in all leadership spaces including the home. Female-headed single-parent households are sometimes faulted as the source of some of our social ills. We need to write what will become history for the millennial generation and beyond, a history that will reflect the resilience and influence of our women. The process has begun. It has many layers and stages, but I see the progress.

I am particularly pleased that a motion for the advancement of women in leadership and decision-making has been tabled before the Jamaican Senate. This gives me hope. What WMW is doing will in years to come result in an increase in the voices of women and men who are calling for inclusiveness and the recognition and engagement of women as experts in their fields - experts who can lead in any space, be it economic, political, or social. It gives me hope to experience women uniting.

WMW-Jamaica, I am proud of your work. Thank you for playing your part in empowering this woman.

Education & Outreach Manager, JFLAG, Participant in WMW/UNWOMEN "PowHerhouse Media and Leaderstip training for Women"