What our training participants say about their WMW experience ...

The Workshops were wonderful and fulfilling. I couldn’t have asked for a more worthwhile place to be. It was fun, interesting and most of all, it equipped me with new view points on the media. I will certainly use this knowledge in our advocacy!
— Media, Literacy & Advocacy training, 2011
The course is well conceptualized, managed and executed. Facilitators are great!
— Media, Gender & Advocacy training, 2011
With the methods used in the workshop, we all became so creative, thanks!
— WMW workshop 2013
The course was interesting from the time we said ‘go’, it never lost a beat, the presenters were excellent. Thanks to this wonderful team from WMW!
— Media, Gender & Advocacy training, 2012
The sessions helped me to understand why people have stereotypes and especially why I have mine. The group discussions were intellectually motivating and it was interesting to listen to other people’s views.
— Journalist training, 2010
I loved the workshops. The presentation of information was excellent, lively, and most informative and thought provoking, while entertaining. Kudos!
— WMW workshop series 2012
This course helped me to be more critical of the media and how it shows gender, It also made me more aware of stereotyping in everyday life. The best part is that I know how to wear a gender lens now, and can put in on in almost all situations!
— UWI course ‘Media Gender & Development’, 2011
The course has really impacted positively on my life. I have learnt to think outside of the box in so many areas of life that I had never thought about before. This course has broadened my horizon and I am truly happy I selected this course. Thank you so much.
— UWI course ‘Media Gender & Development’, 2012