PM To Meet With Upset Civil Society Members Over NHT Acquisition Issues

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is today expected to face a group of upset civil society members at a general council meeting of the Partnership For Jamaica. 

In 2013, the Prime Minister signed the partnership agreement, committing to social dialogue around issues critical to the development of the nation. 

However, that accord with various civil, religious and private sector groups is being threatened as some members allege that the National Housing Trust's (NHT) purchase of the Outameni property in Trelawny breached the agreement. 

Already, two groups have suspended their participation in the partnership. 

Yesterday, the environmental and women's groups, formally informed the Prime Minister that they were suspending their participation. 

Diana McCaulay, who represents the 11 environmental groups on the partnership, says the groups are demanding some action from the Government especially in light of the widespread concerns raised. 

In the lead up to today's meeting, the partnership's governance committee, set up to manage disputes, has met with the civil society members of the partnership. 

The outcomes of those meetings are expected to be presented to the Prime Minister today. 

Mrs Simpson Miller has dismissed calls to sack the NHT board and has accepted the explanation that the purchase was legal and within the NHT’s mandate.