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Whose Perspective: A Guide to Gender-aware Analysis of Media Content - A Training Manual

A 100-page full colour, illustrated Training Manual. This easy-to-use practical guide demystifies media content using a gender lens. Ideal for anyone who wants to analyse or produce media content. Click here for excerpts.

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Othere popular manuals:

Media Literacy & Gender Workshop

This "mini-manual" outlines activities for lively sessions

Man, Masculinity, Media

This "mini-manual" includes handy suggestions for workshop activities on gender training for males.  


A handy compact booklet demystifying ‘gender’, ‘gender equality’, ‘gender based violence’ with straightforward language and every-day examples. Click here for excerpt.

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Other popular publications:

Gender, Development and CIvil Society in the Caribbean

Screenshot 2014-07-17 05.46.51.png

2015 - Women Leaders

2014 - PowHERhouse

2012 - Child Pornography

2011 - Youth and Media

2009 - Anniversary Edition

2008 - Media and Gender Based Violence

2007 - Sexual Harrassment

2006 - HIV/AIDS and Gender

2005 - Sexual Harassment